Iva and the 4T’s

Friends and family, My sister Iva and her beautiful children were held victim to a domestic violence act on August 11, 2021. Sadly, Iva and her 11 year old daughter Taya were both shot. My dear sister did not survive but by the grace of GOD, Taya is still alive, however, she is currently at Riley Children’s Hospital fighting for her life. The oldest son Tyrel was able to escape through a window with the two younger siblings. What a hero!

These kids (all with names beginning with the letter T) are suffering a tremendous amount of pain from the loss of their momma along with the crime they witnessed and need unlimited Prayers along with some support. I created ‘Iva & the 4 T’s’, a fundraiser in my sister’s name along with her four T’s. Anything is appreciated.

Donations will help with memorial services for Iva, care for her babies and Taya’s medical expenses.

God Bless